Activites of RC CFF
Croatian Flora Fauna Award
Owned by Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna
National Parks of Croatia Award
Managed by Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna
Observatories of Croatia Award
Owned by RK HFF Managed by 9A2GA

Activators Worked References

1 9A6ZE76DH-016; DH-034; DH-068; DH-083; DH-087; DH-100; DH-101; DH-106; DH-125; DH-127; DH-130; DH-134; DH-143; DH-156; DH-168; GH-015; GH-016; GH-020; GH-031; GH-034; GH-036; GH-037; GH-040; GH-045; GH-046; GH-050; GH-065; GH-073; GH-090; GH-094; GH-096; GH-116; GH-153; GH-157; GH-159; GH-164; GH-176; PH-012; PH-015; PH-022; PH-025; PH-026; PH-028; PH-033; PH-036; PH-045; PH-054; ZH-001; ZH-002; ZH-004; ZH-005; ZH-006; ZH-007; ZH-008; ZH-009; ZH-011; ZH-012; ZH-013; ZH-014; ZH-018; ZH-019; ZH-021; ZH-022; ZH-023; ZH-024; ZH-028; ZH-029; ZH-030; ZH-032; ZH-033; ZH-037; ZH-038; ZH-040; ZH-042; ZH-044; ZH-048
2 9A6CW50DH-001; DH-002; DH-003; DH-004; DH-005; DH-006; DH-007; DH-008; DH-010; DH-011; DH-013; DH-015; DH-017; DH-023; DH-033; DH-036; DH-037; DH-038; DH-040; DH-041; DH-047; DH-048; DH-050; DH-052; DH-054; DH-056; DH-058; DH-059; DH-060; DH-061; DH-070; DH-071; DH-072; DH-076; DH-078; DH-081; DH-082; DH-094; DH-096; DH-097; DH-105; DH-158; GH-002; GH-029; GH-045; GH-046; GH-060; GH-174; PH-015; PH-022
3 9A2GA38DH-147; DH-155; GH-020; GH-025; GH-032; GH-099; GH-111; GH-141; GH-153; GH-157; GH-208; GH-209; GH-210; GH-211; PH-038; PH-040; PH-041; PH-043; PH-048; PH-052; PH-053; PH-056; PH-057; PH-060; ZH-002; ZH-004; ZH-006; ZH-007; ZH-008; ZH-009; ZH-013; ZH-019; ZH-021; ZH-024; ZH-030; ZH-032; ZH-035; ZH-036
4 9A8RA30DH-001; DH-005; DH-010; DH-013; DH-015; DH-023; DH-024; DH-030; DH-037; DH-041; DH-048; DH-050; DH-052; DH-060; DH-061; DH-062; DH-065; DH-071; DH-072; DH-081; DH-082; DH-097; DH-102; DH-109; DH-120; DH-149; DH-163; GH-029; GH-060; GH-196
5 9A3R29GH-016; GH-020; GH-032; GH-036; GH-037; GH-141; GH-165; PH-012; PH-019; PH-020; PH-026; PH-028; PH-029; PH-031; PH-032; PH-036; PH-038; PH-039; PH-040; PH-041; PH-043; PH-044; PH-045; PH-046; PH-049; PH-053; PH-054; PH-055; PH-056
6 9A5YY22DH-153; DH-155; DH-157; GH-025; GH-065; GH-153; GH-157; GH-164; GH-208; PH-012; PH-048; PH-052; PH-057; PH-060; ZH-002; ZH-004; ZH-006; ZH-007; ZH-008; ZH-009; ZH-019; ZH-044
7 9A3ST14DH-071; DH-157; GH-032; GH-141; GH-153; GH-157; GH-209; GH-210; GH-211; PH-038; PH-052; PH-057; PH-060; ZH-036
8 9A/S56LXN13DH-098; DH-107; DH-131; DH-145; DH-147; DH-155; PH-036; PH-054; ZH-001; ZH-002; ZH-014; ZH-029; ZH-037
9 9A/G4ONL11DH-002; DH-004; DH-011; DH-038; DH-040; DH-041; DH-059; DH-061; DH-071; DH-072; DH-097
10 9A/S57MS8GH-036; GH-080; GH-112; PH-026; PH-031; PH-032; PH-041; ZH-002
11 9A5ALX7ZH-001; ZH-010; ZH-011; ZH-021; ZH-024; ZH-028; ZH-030
12 9A/E70AA5DH-002; DH-003; DH-034; DH-047; DH-068
13 9A/S52AU4PH-003; PH-008; PH-009; PH-048
14 9A/PB2T3PH-044; PH-054; ZH-002
15 9A/S50VD3DH-020; DH-035; GH-011
16 9A/K2XYL2PH-054; ZH-002
17 9A/OE5IRO2DH-155; PH-057
18 9A/OE5RTP2DH-155; PH-057
19 9A/OM0WT2GH-020; PH-054
20 9A/S57AX2DH-163; PH-012
21 9A/S57TQ2DH-163; PH-012
22 9A3GVD2DH-023; DH-153
23 9A4MX2DH-150; DH-154
24 9A5AAX2DH-150; DH-154
25 9A/DL2DXA1ZH-011
26 9A/OE5EIN1PH-041
27 9A/OE6CUD1DH-038
28 9A/OK1DVM1DH-053
29 9A/OK2BDF1DH-145
30 9A/OM3CUG1PH-056
31 9A/PA3FYG1PH-029
32 9A/S51RU1PH-054
33 9A/S52CU1PH-012
34 9A/S57AJJ1PH-012
35 9A/YU1CA1ZH-004
36 9A3DZK1DH-161
37 9A4OP1ZH-004