Activites of RC CFF
Croatian Flora Fauna Award
Owned by Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna
National Parks of Croatia Award
Managed by Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna
Observatories of Croatia Award
Owned by RK HFF Managed by 9A2GA

Activators Worked References

1 9A6CW19DH-005; DH-006; DH-011; DH-017; DH-033; DH-037; DH-038; DH-041; DH-047; DH-048; DH-050; DH-056; DH-059; DH-060; DH-071; DH-072; DH-082; DH-096; DH-097
2 9A2GA13GH-209; GH-210; GH-211; ZH-002; ZH-004; ZH-006; ZH-007; ZH-008; ZH-009; ZH-030; ZH-032; ZH-035; ZH-036
3 9A8RA10DH-005; DH-041; DH-048; DH-050; DH-060; DH-061; DH-072; DH-081; DH-082; DH-149
4 9A3AKF7ZH-001; ZH-010; ZH-011; ZH-021; ZH-024; ZH-028; ZH-030
5 9A3ST4GH-209; GH-210; GH-211; ZH-036
6 9A5YY4DH-153; ZH-007; ZH-008; ZH-044
7 9A/E70AA3DH-002; DH-003; DH-047
8 9A/S56LXN2DH-147; DH-155
9 9A/S57MS2GH-080; GH-112